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Foam Swabs (Pack of 100)

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Rengöringstops med skumhuvudet, förpackning om 100 st.


– Free from silicone, amide and DOP
– Low non-volatile residue
– Low in both particles and ion content
– Excellent solvent-holding capacity
– Compatible with most common solvents
– No contaminating adhesives or coatings


– Micro-mechanical cleaning
– Remove contamination from disk drives
– Effectively clean small, hard to reach areas with solvents
such as IPA
– Remove flux residue and excess materials
– For general purpose cleaning

Property Description / Typical Values
Head material 100 ppi (Z) Closed-cell
Head Bond Thermally bonded
Head width 16.0mm
Head thickness 8.0mm
Head length 25.0mm
Handle material Polypropylene
Handle width 6.6mm
Handle Length 106.0 mm
Total Swab Length 131.0 mm