Flexible Arm 760 mm & 1.8 m hose and table bracket with C-clamps

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Flexible Arm 760 mm 1 8 m hose and table bracket with C-clamps

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The BVX-ARM-K1 kit includes 1 BVX-ARM (see content below) with 1.8 m long hose, a mounting plate and c-clamps for universal mounting. A Y-connection piece is available to connect two BVX Arms to one hose. The BVX Arms (diameter 50 mm) are most economic solution while providing good airflow rates and high flexibility. The spiral rolled duct can be tightened in stiffness and can be positioned precisely.

BVX-ARM Features and Benefits  :

  • 75 m3/h (45 cfm) air flow rating
  • 50 mm ducting with 40 mm nozzle
  • 760 mm long flexible ESD safe arm
  • BVX Arms compatible with all units