Biral T&D lubricant 500 ml spray

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Biral T&D lubricant 500 ml

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BiRAL T&D is a thin and highly concentrated lubricant spray. It reaches difficult places and leaves an exceptionally strong lubricating film.

  • Highly recommended when setting up machinery and tools where very close tolerances are required,
  • Gives effective lubrication down to -40°C
  • An outstanding rust remover.

Operates from -40°C to +200°C. Supplied as aerosol and in unpressurised containers BiRAL T&D is a high pressure, precision lubricant which provides very long term clean lubrication. T&D provides an enormously strong, almost unbreakable lubricating film which fights corrosion and acid attack. T&D is outstanding for all steel-to-steel applications and provides excellent lubrication across a vast range of applications especially in electronics and plastics production. The performance of recommended mineral oils and/or hydraulic fluids can be vastly improved by adding BiRAL T&D as a fluid. While reducing friction and temperature T&D builds up an enormously strong, almost unbreakable lubricating film. T&D fluid is excellent for high speed gears and transmission, cylinders, crankshafts, valve-guides etc.

OBS! Mycket brandfarlig aerosol.